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Residential Category

This is a house especially designed to cater to this jet-setting client who wanted the space that reflected a fine blend of exuberant and elegant interiors with the latest technology and standards of comfort. The client an avid traveller wanted that his home must accommodate modern aspirations within the traditional Indian family that which reflects energy and relaxation when he is back home.“How do you introduce the plushness in a contemporary and minimalistic set up?” was the challenge that envisioned the designing of the structure. “Trends may come and go, but the flow of creativity needs to be constantly nurtured while adapting to the ever advancing technologies which should enhance and not take over the natural flow of thoughts.” Also, when you are thinking of designing a home, you always remember that the key focus is relaxation but here it was relaxation to be combined with the perfect aura of elegancy.

The house is energy efficient and eco-friendly, designed to make maximum use of natural resources. A refreshing revelation of spaces within a residential framework that generates a cultural link, a sense of discovery and a feeling of intimacy in every section of their grid design space, across this multi-level home.