A Celebration of Tradition

by archanashah, May 7, 2015

Sometimes recreation is more educating than creating something new. This decent “Kutchi” cottage in the interior of a society, is weaved in a vegetative surroundings and it portraits a country side feel .The client, a well known Lawyer, wanted  to reflect the ‘Gamthi’ feel of his Kutchi village ‘home’ and artefacts, where he natured through his childhood. Recreating that feel and ambience was a major task.

Every piece of furniture, lining, lighting, and accessory have been keenly selected or re-crafted and purposely positioned to image the bygone memories. Mostly eco-friendly and economical construction materials have been used. All the walls, columns and the sittings are structured from mud and bricks and canvassed in different natural shades and patterns using ‘Lippan’. The roofs are made from scrape bamboo staffs and are covered with cement sheets for better protection from rain. Further, they are decorated with Mangalore tiles on the exterior. The Antique Umbrella, Gramophone, Lampshades, Old Utensils in brass and copper, Tulsi pot were purposely put up to maintain the authenticity of the required ambience. All the doors and windows have been brought from the village site and re textured in simple natural shades and patterns. Thoughtful positioning of ‘Ghokhlaas’, lamp holes, have been done in the columns and elsewhere considering their original application and festive moods.

  • A Celebration Of The Traditional : Area: 3900 sq ft
  • Publication Credits: : Inside Outside, January 2003
  • This project was : short-listed for the Designer Of The Year Award – 2003 hosted by Inside Outside